Google Adsense Spins Me Right Round Baby

Google Adsense ads have finally started thinking outside the box and have added the option of having rounded borders for their ad units.

The Inside Adsense blog has reported that now along with choosing the colours and such, you can also pick between three ‘styles’ of border – traditional square (ya big L7 you), a little bit round (for the timid), and full-on “I’m almost a circle” round. Of course, you can still use no border at all.

To …

Revenue Sharing: Web $2.00

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about Web 2.0 and what’s next.

Largely this was on my mind because I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to start my run as a writer here at Intelligent Drone. The other day, while elbow deep in PHP setting up a collaborative blog with a revenue sharing model, it hit me… revenue sharing is the next big thing.

Of course, it’s nothing new, but neither were forums, comments or …