Mail Server Details

A quick and easy reference table with host names and port numbers for various mail server setups.

What is a CMS and why do I need one?

At Dao By Design we build all our Web sites on Content Management Systems (CMS). This has become a no-brainer for our own workflow and productivity, as well as that of our clients. However, to help explain why we do this, and why you should too, this knowledgebase article will outline the differences between what is now the de facto method of Web site design and development, and the old page-by-page designs of years gone by.

A CMS is a

The difference between “hosting” and “domain”

For anyone familiar with building or maintaining a Web site, this difference may seem elementary; however, we understand that for many non-technical clients or clients new to administering a Web site, the differences between what “hosting” is and what a “domain” is can be somewhat murky waters. Here’s a quick KB article to clarify:

What is Hosting?

Hosting is the physical space on which the site’s files will sit. It is a computer (“server”) located in a datacentre somewhere. When …

What’s the difference between shared and dedicated IP addresses?

Before classifying types of IP addresses, perhaps we should clear up what an “IP address” is. An IP address is the numerical representation of a Web site’s address. When you type in a domain name (ie. the computer accesses a special server that tells it what IP address is attached to that domain name. Domain names were created because they’re easier to remember, and prettier, but computers work in cold, hard numbers. For example, the domain name is …

Basic SEO Theory

As a Web design professional, I am often asked if I can help with search engine optimization (SEO), to which I almost always say “not really”, and then spend 20 minutes typing out the information I am about to share.

The truth is, I am certain I could help with SEO, but more often than not I choose to avoid the arduous task of managing expectations when it comes to SEO results. The problem, in my opinion, is that I …