Creating a dynamic WordPress sidebar

I recently finished the redesign of my blog, The Humanaught, and as these things tend to – it came with a few forehead slapping mind scratchers.

The key one being that the design utilized the post’s footer to store comments. On many posts you wouldn’t even know there was a problem, however when I – on occasion – veer from my usual rambling and only write a tiny little blurb, the issue is evident.

Take, for example, a standard …

How To Make Fast Hover Effects

Causality in Web sites is a must these days. People want action, plain and simple. Not only does it add greater functionality for the user, it gives you a whole other dimension for design.

When I visit a site with static buttons and unchanging link styles I get confused (something I’m quite proficient at actually). I’ve grown so accustom to being shown visually that “this is a place I can do something”, it throws me when it’s not there.…

Spring Cleaning Computer Clutter

When I was a kid, I loved spring cleaning! In my hometown, spring cleaning meant one thing, and one thing only – free stuff! People would clean out their attics and basements and lay it out on the curb for all to pick through.

I would come home with an endless assortment of random goodies – an old kickstand, goalie pads, a broken armchair – that would sit around the house until the following spring when my mom would put …

My First WordPress Plugin

I’m happy to announce my first ever WordPress plugin – Censortive.

Tired of Internet censorship? Is your site being blocked for having “sensitive” words? Then Censortive is for you. Use this plugin to replace those pesky words with their graphic equivalent, making them invisible to censorship robots.

Check out the official Censortive page for all the details on how it works, how to install it, and where to get support. I’m still working out the kinks, so if you notice …

Modifying WordPress’ Front Page

The origins of the standard blog front page vary. Some say that the post-after-post-after-post style comes from the ancient Greeks, others say it was the Chinese. One thing’s for certain, it’s old and it’s tired.

Having been a blogger in one shape or another for going on five years now, I’ve started to become disenchanted with the main index layout common to near all blogging platforms. You know the one, a landing page that lists the 5-10 most recent …

How To Make Simple Glassy Buttons in Photoshop

No Web 2.0 Web site is complete without a smattering of glass-like buttons. This simple Photoshop tutorial quickly shows you how to make these little buggers in a jiffy. The process is quite simple, but I’ve spelled it out with as much detail as possible for any new-comers to Photoshop. Obviously, if you’ve experience, just scan for gist ;-).

glassy button 01The desired result.

Step 1: Open a new Photoshop file. You can make it any size you want, but for …

Freed Burner – Feedburner Pro Features for Free!

Burning Questions, FeedBurner‘s official blog, sheds the exciting news that two services that were previously reserved for paying customers only are now absolutely free for all FeedBurner users.

FeedBurner Stats PRO

This feature lets you closely analyze the number of people who are viewing or clicking individual content times. I’m quite keen on this, as the basic stats only give you a rough idea of the number of people accessing your RSS feed, this will greatly increase …

Speeding Up WordPress

I decided to try out Ricardo Galli Granada’s WordPress Cache (WP-Cache) plugin and see how much speed it actually added to my blogs’ load times.

As the plugin advertises, WordPress is already pretty trim when it comes to MySQL database calls and PHP pagination, so this plugin is really only useful on high activity sites, or sites with really slow servers. My blogs are in the middle, and so neither of these situations really apply. But I tested it anyway.…

Free Stock Photography

779192_31958571.jpgI love photography, and whenever possible I like to shoot as much of my own imagery to be used in my designs.

Sometimes, however, it’s just not practical or possible to get out and take the photo you need yourself – enter stock photography.

In and of itself, stock photography is nothing new. Designers have always used stock photography as a way to spice up everything from magazine layouts to identity and collateral materials.

Where things have changed though is …

Detect & Redirect Script For Internet Explorer (IE)

NOTE: For anyone looking for the ability to detect and redirect based on IE version, you should check out this post. It uses conditional comments to detect IE versions and redirect accordingly.

dieie.jpgI hate Internet Explorer.

There, I’ve said it. Perhaps it will help you to understand why I sat down tonight and decided to ex-out the worst of the bunch, Internet Explorer 5.5 (and below).

It pains me, physically pains me, to open up Internet Explorer after having …