Finally, native WordPress tagging

I am, admittedly, quite lax on keeping up with the latest version of things. So, it was with a bit of surprise that I happened to notice I had fallen behind on my WordPress version.

Partly due to it’s comparably solid track record, WordPress is usually the last of my open source softwares to get updated. However, when I heard the WP crew finally incorporated native tagging into the code, I cleared my schedule as it was time for an …

My First WordPress Plugin

I’m happy to announce my first ever WordPress plugin – Censortive.

Tired of Internet censorship? Is your site being blocked for having “sensitive” words? Then Censortive is for you. Use this plugin to replace those pesky words with their graphic equivalent, making them invisible to censorship robots.

Check out the official Censortive page for all the details on how it works, how to install it, and where to get support. I’m still working out the kinks, so if you notice …

Freed Burner – Feedburner Pro Features for Free!

Burning Questions, FeedBurner‘s official blog, sheds the exciting news that two services that were previously reserved for paying customers only are now absolutely free for all FeedBurner users.

FeedBurner Stats PRO

This feature lets you closely analyze the number of people who are viewing or clicking individual content times. I’m quite keen on this, as the basic stats only give you a rough idea of the number of people accessing your RSS feed, this will greatly increase …

Google Adsense Spins Me Right Round Baby

Google Adsense ads have finally started thinking outside the box and have added the option of having rounded borders for their ad units.

The Inside Adsense blog has reported that now along with choosing the colours and such, you can also pick between three ‘styles’ of border – traditional square (ya big L7 you), a little bit round (for the timid), and full-on “I’m almost a circle” round. Of course, you can still use no border at all.

To …